Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm Back and Bruschetta

I'm back!  No, I didn't go on vacation.  I just took a few weeks off to adjust to a little health issue.  Enough said.
Anyhoo...I missed visiting you all, and I really missed your comments and visits as well.
My garden is growing and producing wonderfully.  We have more zucchini than you could want lol.  But we also have wonderful tomatoes.
Time for some bruschetta!
Take some sturdy bread.  Tuscan or baguette, slice about 1/2 thick and brush with olive oil and place on a hot grill until browned on both sides.  Here Mr. Comforts is doing the honors.
Cut up and seed fresh garden or market tomatoes (not store bought!), then chop.  Add minced garlic, sea salt, freshly ground pepper, capers, a splash of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and fresh basil, sliced thin.  Let sit a half an hour or so, so the flavors marry.

Top the grilled bread with the tomato mixture and enjoy!

I am off to visit all of you!
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Studio Before and After 2010

Some of you know and others might not, if you are new to my blog, that I use to be a mosaic artist.  I gave it up a few years ago, when we down sized and I was diagnosed with tendonitis.
So continuing on my blog break,  here is another blast from the past.
Here is my studio after the remodel in my previous home.
Here is a before picture, the day we closed on the house.
It was amazing how painting the walls white and getting rid of the dark laminate floor, made such a difference!
To see the whole remodel, you can click here.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Speaking of Bathroom Remodels...

Continuing my blog break and keeping on the same subject of the last post.  Here is another house whispering bath remodel from my previous home.

After a few more months with curtains I made.

If you want to see more of the make over, click here and if you want to see more of the curtain shots, click here.
I am continuing my blog break for another few days....Thank you for your patience!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Powder Room Before and After 2009

Continuing on my blog break and posting before and after pictures from the past homes I have house whispered too....
Here is a powder room from my previous home.
The After
The Before
The After...
The Before...
If you want to see the complete makeover with details, click here.
Come back next time for another oldie but goody before and after.